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TY Doolin Walk

On Monday the nineteenth of September the TY’s, along with Mr.Quinn and Miss Ní Chléírigh arrived in school for 9 and headed out on the bus to Doolin to drop of their bags in Doolin hostel where they would be spending the night.The bus then dropped the girls out towards Fanore where the TYs would have to walk back from to the hostel.It was a difficult ten kilometre walk over lots of rocks.They arrived in Doolin shortly after three where they were given permission to spend the evening exploring Doolin! Dinner was served at six thirty which was followed by a movie the TYs watched all together. Everyone was in bed for ten thirty and the good nights sleep was well needed for the next day. On Tuesday morning the girls were woken by Miss Butler and Ms Ryan who accompanied them for the walk from Doolin to Moher with an hour stop in the Cliffs of Moher for lunch .The TYs arrived back in school for three o’clock after a very enjoyable experience and in total had completed a 23 kilometre walk!

By Áine Howley

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