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Romeo and Juliet

We went to see the play of Romeo and Juliet on the third of November in Nenagh. We began studying Romeo and Juliet at the start of second year with Ms.Barry. Before we started the actual play we looked at the atmosphere at the time Shakespeare was a writer, the Renaissance, to get an idea and feel of the time. He wrote many plays which were performed in The Globe theatre in London. He was the first of his time to write these comical, romantic and tragic plays for cheap prices so that ordinary people could go see them and not just the wealthy.

Romeo and Juliet is tragic and romantic, specializing in the themes of unrequited love, young and old age, ancient feuds and more. It is set in Verona, Italy and is all about two families who are equal in every way but are in an ancient feud that is still going on to the present situation. Romeo and Juliet are from opposite sides of the rivals, but fall in love at first sight which after various misadventures, leads them to both die in each others arms.It is a very intriguing and exciting play and it was very enjoyable to watch and I am glad to have the opportunity to study this for my Junior Cert. I learned a lot from watching the play in Nenagh.

Article written by Lucy Noonan, 2nd Year

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