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Exchange-Buddy Halloween party

At the beginning of the year, Ms Ní Chléirigh had the idea that every exchange student gets a buddy to show around the school and help with problems. They helped us especially in the Irish lessons because we, as exchange students, never had done Irish before.

Then, in the week before the Mid-Term break, the exchange students, their buddies and Ms Ní Chléirigh had a little Halloween party at lunch break. Some students made pancakes and wonderful decorated cake and cupcakes. Two students went to buy some sweets, so we had snacks to eat and Ms Ní Chléirigh brought a Halloween cake but no-one found the ring that should have been inside!! We also played a Halloween game where you have to try not to let your potato fall of your spoon. But while you’re protecting your potato, you have to make the potato of the other one fall down. We all really enjoyed the Halloween party with our buddies and the other exchange students.

Article written by Clara Fischer, visiting students to TYA

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