• Laura Ryan

Bullying and Cyber Bullying Information Seminar for Parents

This important seminar will take place on Monday 30thJanuary at 20:00. Attendance is highly recommended. Presented by Bully 4u a national organization with an excellent reputation in the provision of anti bullying services for primary and secondary schools in Ireland.

‘Bully 4u’s information evenings provide parents with a thorough background and understanding of the issues of bullying and cyber bullying. These evenings are very interactive and sensitive and provide participants with the benefits of the vast expertise and experience Bully 4u have gathered from every county in Ireland and internationally. The evening typically takes 75 minutes and concludes with a question and answer session, which will allow time for participants to address specific issues.’

(See website Bully4u.ie)


➢ Definitions of Bullying ➢ Types of Bullying. ➢ Is my child being Bullied? Signs and symptoms ➢ What to do if your child is being bullied ➢ Children who Bully…..”not my child” ➢ What is Cyber Bullying? ➢ Types of Cyber Bullying: Snapchat, Sexting….. ➢ Advice for your child regarding Cyber Bullying ➢ What can parents do? ➢ Don’t be Cyber Bullied…..be CyberSMART

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