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Buddy System

The Friday 2nd of October at 11:50 the Transition Year’s students and 1st Year students were waiting in the Home Economics room for Ms. Butler to announce each buddy. When she finally called each 1st year to join their buddy the room was quiet. As more people got their buddies, there was laughing and loud talking. I am very happy with my 1st year. She is very nice and we talked a lot. When each person had their buddy, a little party was held in the home ec room. There were soft drinks, chocolate bars and crisps laid out for everyone to enjoy.

In my opinion the buddy system it’s a very good idea to practise in the schools, knowing that with this “project” the 1st years students are learning things that Transition Year’s students are teaching them because somebody taught the new transitions years before. This project is helping 1st years and Transitions Years’ as well.

Written by Fabiola Carrion-Carrillo

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