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Student Support

Teaching & Learning
  • Academic progress is carefully monitored by Year Heads in Scoil Mhuire and a close partnership between the school and the parents helps to support academic progress.

  • Parent-Teacher meetings are organised for each year group.

  • Students have a Student Journal to record their homework and this provides a day-to-day method for teachers to communicate with parents.

  • An important part of life outside the classroom is supervised study, available to students during weekdays, at weekends and during holidays.

  • A Homework Club encourages good study practices and provides structure for younger students so that they can learn to work on their own.

  • Every effort is made to ensure that students feel supported and cared for by excellent staff members who are very generous with their time.

  • The Parents Association helps to establish good relationships between parents, teachers, students and management.

Pastoral Care

  • There is a strong pastoral care system in Scoil Mhuire to look after the needs of all students but in particular those who may be in need of any additional support.

  • Each class has a class tutor who is a teacher to the group taking on the additional role of a support to students if they need help/advice on any issue.

  • The Year Head for each year group meets with the students weekly and also follows their academic and behavioural progress throughout the year. They also meet with school management on a weekly basis to bring forward any concerns.

  • Guidance Counsellor (see below)

Peer Supports

  • A system of peer buddies, where senior students help and support first year students in their transition from Primary to Secondary School is in place.

  • The Student Council endeavours to provide a line of communication between students, management, staff and parents enabling them to give voice to matters of concern to them.

  • A prefect and vice-prefect is chosen within each class to take a leadership role within the class bringing any issues from their classmates to the student council, class tutor, teachers, year head or management. 

Learning Support

  • In Scoil Mhuire we make every effort to cater for individual needs, abilities and learning styles.

  • Our Learning Support Programme enables students with special educational needs to develop to their full potential.

  • Learning Support Teachers liaise with the subject teachers, design programmes for students who are experiencing learning difficulties and nurture the individual talents of the students in their care.

Guidance & Counselling

- provided by a fully qualified guidance counsellor. 


  • The Guidance and Counselling Programme is student-centered.

  • Career Guidance classes are arranged to facilitate students’ needs and interests.

  • Parental involvement in the Guidance process is encouraged and welcomed.

  • Individual counselling is available to students who require assistance to resolve issues in their personal lives.

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